a tiny new life…

You know the feeling when you see a baby?  The squishy little arms, the sweet smell, they tiny feet…my heart explodes every time.  Now when one of your best friends has a new baby, it takes my breath away.  Aside from my own children, seeing my family or friends who are like family with their babies is priceless.  I was thrilled to get to make the trip to Arkansas to capture the newness of Josh and Jess’s second daughter.  It is hard being so far away from the ones we love, during this season of babies!  I was honored to be at big sister’s birth and so wished I could have timed it right for Miss A.  However, i am not complaining because I got to snuggle this little bundle of love for a long time and she is simply precious!  

I also need to give a shout out to my right hand assistant, reflector holder, grandma extraordinaire, Jess’s mom.  She was fantastic!  And there is a picture below that falls into my category for favorite images ever.  It is up close of Kris, Jess and Miss A.  The love that our grandmas give (or adopted grandmas) is irreplaceable.

Thank you so much Josh and Jess for trusting me with your family.

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